We eat what you eat

We care passionately about our soil. Without good soil our crops would suffer so it's not something we take lightly. We're Certified Organic, which means we never use any chemical sprays or synthetic fertilisers, ever. We never use GMOs and every season we save more and more of our own seed. We rely on good crop management and rotation for fertility, and use cover crops to maintain fertility and encourage microbial activity. If we have an outbreak of disease or pests we see it as an opportunity to look more closely at the soil and feed the microbes rather than treat the symptoms. We constantly remind each other to pay attention to the details, to look at the condition of the crops and to taste them; the sweeter they are the more nutrient dense! 

We eat everything we grow and believe in feeding ourselves clean natural organic food which is why farming organically makes sense for us. We always say "if we grow it we eat it too!"