why we farm

Initially we grew vegetables because we loved it! Simple as that. We love being outside and having dirty hands, falling into bed at night after a long day's work. We love to eat great food and share great food. We take pleasure in learning about our land and knowing every rock and every tree on our farm.

Farming is the most meaningful work we've ever done and keeps us motivated and inspired. We care deeply about a sustainable environment, about health and about our future; we believe farming is incredibly political and can contribute enormously to a better world.

The challenge of farming is also what makes it so desirable to us. Learning to surrender to the things that we cannot control, like the weather, and learning to jump on every opportunity that presents itself has been both fun and terrifying, a roller-coaster ride that we never want to end! We love and hate the not knowing what next season will bring yet can't wait to keep doing it all over again and again.