I must have flowers, always and always.
— Claude Monet

Our love for growing isn't limited to just food, it extends to flowers and blooms and adds an irreplaceable layer of beauty to our farm that we simply couldn't live without. Flowers feed our hearts and provide a valuable habitat for beneficial insects and small birds, which in turn makes it easier for us to grow organically. Flowers also feed our bees and attract more pollinators to our crops, giving us more production.

Flowers are one of the most heavily sprayed crops, and we're proud to say our flowers are totally natural and organic and our customers can enjoy them without worrying about harmful chemicals. We encourage you to smell them, eat the edible ones and when they die compost them. By purchasing local organic flowers, you're engaging in a growing movement to support your community and saying no to nasty chemicals and food miles. Just like knowing your growers, it's equally important to know your flower farmers.

We offer handmade posies of seasonal flowers as well as some exquisite and nutritious edible blooms.

Warm season flowers

celosia, cosmos, dill, dahlia, statice, Sunflowers, zinnias

cool season flowers

Bachelors' buttons, bells of Ireland, calendula, daffodil, larkspur, snap dragons, sweet peas,