Our story

Green Goddess Farm happened simply because we wanted to change the way we lived. We wanted to create an island full of food and fruit and beauty. We wanted to be able to feed ourselves and feel happy connecting back to the land. We wanted to do something that made a difference, something that felt positive and sustainable and we soon realised that farming could be just that. We quickly learned that it was easy to grow food for ourselves, but the real challenge was feeding a larger community of people in a sustainable and ecological way. What could be more rewarding than that? So in October 2010 we decided to make the leap and become fully fledged Certified Organic producers, giving us access to multiple outlets and challenging us to expand our knowledge and skills as growers.

Today we continue to farm our five acres which is nestled in between the beautiful Findon Creek and Little O’Donnell stream just outside Kyogle, NSW. We are blessed with gorgeous fertile soil and an abundance of wildlife. Every day working in the fields is a real treat!

Sasha & Rhys (Luna & Che')

Sasha & Rhys (Luna & Che')

Sasha London Welker is originally from Santa Fe New Mexico, USA. Although she grew up in a suburban neighbourhood, her parents always had a thriving food garden and vibrant flowers growing in every square inch of their yard; nature and food were very much a part of her childhood. However it wasn't until she met Rhys that she discovered how liberating and exhilarating it was to have enough land to grow whatever she wanted in quanities as huge as she wanted. Now farming is her life's work and she feels as if it chose her, not the other way around.

Rhys Minton grew up on a 135 acre cattle farm in Wyrallah, NSW Australia and rarely spent a day indoors. He learned everything from mechanics to fencing by experimenting, taking things apart and doing some serious paddock bashing. After meeting Sasha, Rhys brought all of his skills to their joint creation of Green Goddess Farm and is now able to solve, build or fix anything farm related. 

why we farm

Initially we grew vegetables because we loved it! Simple as that. We love being outside and having dirty hands, falling into bed at night after a long day's work. We love to eat great food and share great food. We take pleasure in learning about our land and knowing every rock and every tree on our farm.

Farming is the most meaningful work we've ever done and keeps us motivated and inspired. We care deeply about a sustainable environment, about health and about our future; we believe farming is incredibly political and can contribute enormously to a better world.

The challenge of farming is also what makes it so desirable to us. Learning to surrender to the things that we cannot control, like the weather, and learning to jump on every opportunity that presents itself has been both fun and terrifying, a roller-coaster ride that we never want to end! We love and hate the not knowing what next season will bring yet can't wait to keep doing it all over again and again.

We eat what you eat

We care passionately about our soil. Without good soil our crops would suffer so it's not something we take lightly. We're Certified Organic, which means we never use any chemical sprays or synthetic fertilisers, ever. We never use GMOs and every season we save more and more of our own seed. We rely on good crop management and rotation for fertility, and use cover crops to maintain fertility and encourage microbial activity. If we have an outbreak of disease or pests we see it as an opportunity to look more closely at the soil and feed the microbes rather than treat the symptoms. We constantly remind each other to pay attention to the details, to look at the condition of the crops and to taste them; the sweeter they are the more nutrient dense! 

We eat everything we grow and believe in feeding ourselves clean natural organic food which is why farming organically makes sense for us. We always say "if we grow it we eat it too!"